Production of a quality handbook and action plans

Production of a quality handbook and action plans for defining a university project on the good governance at institutional level

One of the training and trainers’ training results is the elaboration of a quality handbook for the financial management procedures as well as the production of action plans for the definition of a specific project for each university. The Tunisian partners have to elaborate their own action plan for the adoption of the “Budget Management by Objectives” (GBO). This WP is coordinated by the Université de Tunis El Manar in collaboration with the University La Sapienza in order to assure a whole achievement of the training activities results. These results will be then converted in action plans through the submission of a plan co-built with the help of the European partners. A consultative workshop will be organised at the University of Tunis El Manar in order to discuss the action plans and think about the applicability indicators, the methodology and plan elaboration, the internal or external resources to be exploited, the schedule for their implementation and the obstacle to overcome.


Quality handbook on the management procedures and strategic planning
●  Established action plans

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