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The university governance is one of the key elements of the Higher Education reform in the world. It is a recent idea concerning the way universities define objectives, implement them, manage institutions and monitor results. The Tunisian Higher Education law in 2008 paved the way to a greater university autonomy by introducing the « EPST » status (public institution of a scientific and technological nature). It aims at improving the financial resources and strengthening the autonomy, in particular through the implementation of public-private partnership. The status change will allow universities to gain financial autonomy and to comply with the international quality standards. It is one of the several strategic actions applied to allow Tunisian universities to comply with the international quality standards by driving universities towards better performances and a greater viability. Making the autonomy envisaged by the law effective demands an important effort which will be worth doing only if programmed, progressive and constantly monitored.

This is why SAGESSE aims at providing an operational support to Tunisian universities, a rigorous support in terms of methodology and based on the best international practices. The purpose is to support the governance system modernisation process relying on a participative approach and especially aiming at defining and monitoring quality.

The comparison to the EU universities highlights the need to encourage the changes envisaged by the regulation and promoted by the recent laws through a training on the field. Change also comes from the inspiration from the best European operational practices thanks to the implementation of knowledge transfer process with the partner universities and to the realisation of eligible support elements.


The SAGESSE project, Improving Governance in the Higher Education System in Tunisia, co-funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ program, aims at modernizing the Higher Education system in Tunisia by strengthening its quality assurance system, governance mechanisms and result based funding.

By promoting universities autonomy mostly in financial terms but also in terms of academic and human resources, the project will improve graduates’ employability and promote innovation and research.
SAGESSE contributes to the Tunisian higher education system reform process for improving the university governance and autonomy. The strategic plan for the Tunisian higher education and scientific reform (2015-2025) focuses on the autonomy as one of the key measures for the success of the reform. It considers the good governance promotion as one of its 5 main objectives for an academic, pedagogic, scientific, administrative and financial autonomy.


  • Creating an integrated system of quality definition and control (SIDCQ). The aim is implementing new decision-making and management procedures thanks to the strengthening of the academic and administrative staff’ s skills and abilities;
  • Designing a new good governance framework in order to promote the realisation of a Higher Education system e-administration unit that can suggest an innovative, efficient and more autonomous financial management structure;
  • Fostering the commitment of a leadership at all organisational levels and supporting a political will encouraging the adoption of a strategic planning through the production of the action plans;
  • Acting on future policies in order to consolidate, improve and develop new quality assurance mechanisms. 

Project Duration
From 15/10/2017 to 14/07/2021

Project No

European Commission, Erasmus+, KA2 – Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education 

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