Training of trainers

Training of trainers for university staff on quality assurance and strategic planning

After the first analysis and the state of the art elaboration on the different existing governance models (WP1), the following step is the strengthening of the universities’ internal staff capacities in terms of quality assurance and strategic planning (for rectors, academic staff and quality assurance managers). It will be coordinated by the University of Siena with the collaboration of the Université de Sousse. Capacities will be strengthened through a first one-week training at the University of Siena (which will be the grounds). It will be realised by means of lectures and comparative analysis of case studies. The event will host two members from each target group of the Tunisian partners reaching 26 beneficiaries. Experts and trainers from the University of Siena as well as a member from each European partner will participate to the training too. The basic training will be followed by 3 workshops organised at local level by gathering the Tunisian universities according to the geographic proximity (La Manouba, Sousse and Gabès). The workshops will focus particularly on the three main targets of the training which are the directors, the academic and non-academic staff as well (5 people per each Tunisian university, 65 beneficiaries in total). The training is a path to share and transfer the knowledge and competences developed and implemented for contributing to the achievement of the objectives, which is to say the establishment of an integration system of quality control and definition (SIDCQ). Consequently the training program shall cover all the strategic fields each university manages with the help of the SIDCQ: 1) initial and periodic accreditation of study programs; 2) research evaluation; 3) teaching evaluation; 4) administrative services and services for students evaluation; 5) technology transfer (the so-called third mission). As a result the training activities will focus on the following main themes:

Organisational conditions for launching and managing an effective governance through the SIDCQ;
Procedures rankings and staff identification (responsibilities and decision-making powers) for the evaluation and accreditation process;
Evaluation models related to different strategic field to be implemented in the universities with evaluation process examples;
Logics and methods for installing and fostering systems aiming to measure and evaluate performances with an integrated logic;
Indicators and parameters for the control and evaluation of services and activities related to each strategic field (for example indicators on the student career, the training activities, the individual and organisational performances, etc.);
Stakeholders’ participation and consultation systems;
Quality reporting/communication tools and channels in the university and outside.

From a methodological point of view the training will be mainly realised by means of lectures and team works in order to provide a steady methodological framework of the subjects tackled and a practical discussion mainly through a comparative analysis of case-studies. At the end of the training activities, educational material will be distributed thanks to the elaboration of operational guidelines which will be useful for the domino training of the rest of the staff.


Report on the basic training
Report on the workshops at local level

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