A week of sharing and learning has just finished

The training of trainers hosted at the University of Siena has just ended after an intense week of sharing and learning.

Developed within the SAGESSE project WP2, the training was targeted at the internal staff of Tunisian Higher Education Institutions and aimed to increase participants' skills in terms of quality assurance and strategic planning.

Several complementary themes were tackled by trainers and experts recognized in their field of competence. Knowledge transfer was achieved mainly through front-end teaching and comparative analysis of case studies, in particular practical exercises and group works were conducted in order to encourage an inductive approach.

The first day was dedicated to the subject of strategic planning thanks to Prof. Riccardo Mussari and Prof. Pasquale Ruggiero as well as to Dr. Vania Palmieri from the University of Siena. We discussed the need to develop an appropriate strategy towards an ever-changing environment that is a daily challenge for every type of organization. The case studies allowed to identify and to analyze management tools to be used in support of strategic planning. For more information please download the Presentation by Prof. Pasquale Ruggiero and the 1_Présentation Sienne_UNISI_MussariPresentation by Prof. Riccardo Mussari
The second day focused on the impact assessment of strategic choices and on support for change. The day was held by Prof. Yves Lichtenberger, Dr. Annie Soriot from Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University with the valuable collaboration of Dr. Laurence Tondereau and Dr. Véronique Fonvieille from the Agence française de mutualisation des universités et établissements- AMUE. The trainers provided tools to distinguish change’s typologies and characteristics, to identify change’s resistances and impacts as well as to support stakeholders in facing changes. For more information please download the 2_Présentation Sienne_Universite Paris 1Presentation by AMUE and the Présentation formation Sienne_AMUE_YLPresentation by Prof. Yves Lichtenberger 

The third day was led by Dr. Maria Concepcio Amat Miralles from the University of Barcelona who addressed the topic of Certification and Process of quality accreditation in higher education. As the accreditation programs are external quality assessment systems, the trainer explained both the European guidelines for accreditation and the national agencies that transpose them in Spain and Catalonia. Two group activities were carried out in order to show the application of the concepts of quality assurance and accreditation. For more information please download the 3_Présentation Sienne_Université de BarcelonePresentation by Dr. Conxita Amat Miralles 

The fourth day hosted the joint participation of Prof. Gianluca Senatore from La Sapienza University of Rome and Dr. Mounir Ben Achour from the National Institute of Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Accreditation - IEAQA, who tackled the Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education. We talked about establishing a quality management system as well as described the periodic self-evaluation of university activities. On the one hand Prof. Senatore explained the Italian AVA evaluation system and the work of the national agency for quality assurance ANVUR; on the other hand, Dr. Ben Achour presented the Quality Assurance and the evaluation process of higher education institutions adopted by the Tunisian Evaluation Body (IEAQA) by examining a practical case of quality assurance evaluation of an institution according to the IEAQA standards. For more information please download the 4_Présentation Sienne_SapienzaPresentation by Prof. Gianluca Senatore and the 4_Présentation Sienne_IEAQAPresentation by Dr. Ben Achour

Finally, the fifth day, the topic Social Responsibility of universities was approached by Dr. Alessia Valenti of the Centro studi e iniziative Europeo - CESIE and Prof. Ali Mtiraoui from the University of Sousse. The idea that universities have an impact on society and a responsibility to spread the culture of ethics has led to a group work on the implementation strategy of the USR. For more information please download the 5_Présentation Sienne_CESIEPresentation by Dr. Alessia Valenti and the 5_Présentation Sienne_SoussePresentation by Prof. Ali Mtiraoui

In addition, on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 5th, 2018, the training week hosted the public session "Governance of universities, university training, research and mobility: the University of Siena presents itself to Tunisian universities" aiming to consolidate the cooperation between the institutions of the two countries: Italy and Tunisia. A state of play of the Tunisian higher education governance system and future collaboration perspectives were described by Prof. Ali Mtiraoui, Rector of the University of Sousse, "7_La gouvernance du système d’enseignement supérieur Tunisien_Mtiraoui_Université de SousseThe Tunisian higher education system governance" and Prof. Abdelwahid Mokni, Rector of the University of Sfax, "6_Vers un nouveau modèle de gouvernance des universités et des EESR_Mokni_Université de sfaxTowards a new model of universities and EESR governance", which you can find more information about by clicking on the links.


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