The white paper is ready: Enjoy the reading!

Within the framework of the SAGESSE project a white paper has been prepared presenting recommendations at institutional, national, regional and international levels concerning some of the crucial issues related to university governance and institutional autonomy within Tunisian universities. 
These recommendations represent the fruit and the result of the work accomplished by the SAGESSE partnership throughout the duration of the project. 
The chosen themes on which the recommendations were drafted arise key questions related to the improvement of governance at the university level and among which, autonomy and strategic planning for a successful university, the implementation of the quality assurance, the revitalization of Quality Committees, the concept of leadership and dashboards.  The recommendations are disseminated to partner universities in Tunisia but also in Europe and to 200 institutions in Tunisia in order to maximize their visibility and impact for a continuation of the results and objectives of the SAGESSE project. 
The recommendations are also disseminated to political institutions at local, national and regional Tunisian level and also addressed to political bodies at European level in order to inform them about the progress that the Tunisian higher education system has experienced at the level of university governance and to inform them about sensitive points that deserve to be addressed in the future.  
All the partners contributed to the drafting of the white paper, but a special "thank you" must go to Prof. Jouhaina Gherib, President of La Manouba University, to Prof. Ali Mtiraoui, former president of the University of Sousse, to Ms. Ghofrane Lassoued Ben Miled, professor at the University of Tunis El Manar, to Prof. Hedi Bel Hadj Salah, President of the University of Monastir who contributed to drafting the recommendations with the collaboration of Ms. Silvia Marchionne, project manager at UNIMED and coordinator of the SAGESSE project.  These recommendations were presented at the closing conference of the SAGESSE project on July 12, 2021 and were validated and approved by the project partnership. 
The white paper is available here: enjoy the reading!

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