SAGESSE: A good practice for the strategic orientations of universities

As part of the official launch of the PAQ DGSU - MAGIE UGAF project, the University of Gafsa brought together, on July 2, 2020, both the Tunisian Universities and foreign Universities as well as support structures and NGOs around the key theme of “the strategic directions of universities: Towards an innovative and entrepreneurial university”.

The innovation and the promotion of business creation with the aim of improving the professional integration of university nationals is not a new concern for Tunisian universities. Innovation and entrepreneurship are a strategic issue for these universities which are at the service of the reform of the Tunisian University.

On this occasion, Ms. Silvia Marchionne, project manager at UNIMED, presented the SAGESSE project in particular its mission, its vision and its objectives focusing on its results. This is indeed a unique project involving all Tunisian universities and the Ministry of Education and Research. The synergies and collaboration between SAGESSE and the PAQ-DGSU project of Tunisian universities were discussed and presented by Ms. Marchionne, in particular in common areas aimed at improving the governance of the Tunisian higher education system, strengthening the quality assurance and evaluation process, in order to support the process of empowering universities in Tunisia, their accountability and their administrative and financial management capacity.

Please download the programme and the flyer of the event.

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