SAGESSE final video: Good governance and university autonomy… How far have we come?

In the framework of the project, some key leading figures of the Tunisian academy -as project partners- shared their experience and expertise in the final video of the project (available here). What has emerged during these 3-years-project and underlined in the video is that the issue of the good governance of universities has been pressing since the early 2000s and before.
Furthermore, in recent years, the strategic plan -validated by the Tunisian University Council- confirmed that the issue of good governance is urgent and, above all, that the autonomy of universities should increase. In the MENA region, and especially in Tunisia, universities are called upon to contribute more actively to the socio-economic development of their countries, both at a national and regional level.
That is why good governance is a key factor in improving the quality of higher education. Indeed, universities need to innovate in order to provide the kind of education that will increase the employability of their graduates. In this context, the improvement of the Higher Education system in Tunisia is a priority and a necessity in order to achieve a better institutional autonomy and a better governance, both at the institutional level of the universities and at the Ministry level, as is the case of the Higher Education system in Tunisia.

By involving all the 13 public Universities in Tunisia and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, SAGESSE has contributed at national level to the Tunisian higher education system reform process for improving the university governance and autonomy.  

Learn more about the project by watching the video here.

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