Boosting committees for quality: towards better performance and autonomy of Tunisian universities

The Quality Committees, recently created within Tunisian universities and higher education institutions, have a very ambitious role. They have to implement a quality management system, plan strategies and procedures aimed at improving quality by associating the parties within the institutions, prepare an annual training program to improve their quality and define the indicators for measuring their performance.

On July 23, the University of Monastir, the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS) and UNIMED organised a workshop «Dynamisation des comités pour la qualité» with the specific aim of boosting and relaunching the Quality Committees within the Tunisian University system. 

The initiative was part of the SAGESSE project, and saw the participation, among others, of all the 13 Tunisian universities - partners of the project - to define and review the missions, the objectives and the functioning of the Quality Committees.

The event was coordinated by prof. Hedi Bel Hadj Salah, President of the University of Monastir and Mrs. Najla Romdhane representative of the MESRS. The participation and the intervention of Mrs. Lobna Jibri, the Tunisian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research contributed to the good success of the event and underlined the importance of the SAGESSE project for the Tunisian Universities and the system of Higher Education.

The workshop was the occasion to formulate recommendations to be used  by the committees to be more operational and better achieve their mission. More than 70 people attended the workshop creating an ideal field to share good practices between European and Tunisian partners. At the same time, it highlighted and strengthened the synergies between the projects SAGESSE and PROMESSE, this latter supported by PAQ DGSU, a ministerial programme that involves Tunisian Universities for the implementation of strategic orientation plans, which includes, also, the revitalization of the committees for the quality of universities and establishments.

Here you will find the complete Workshop program

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