SAGESSE project save-the-date: unmissable events


The SAGESSE project is approaching its end. By then, scheduled for July 14, UNIMED in collaboration with all partners, is organizing three key events.

In particular, on June 23, a national and institutional dissemination event is organized with the objective of presenting the main achievements and results of SAGESSE. It is therefore a meeting finalized to present the work to SAGESSE at the institutional and national level, in order to make known to the entire community of partner universities in Tunisia the main achievements and results of the SAGESSE project and to broaden its use. and future use of the deliverables and achievements of the project to all academic and administrative staff. The event is addressed to project partners and to academic and administrative staff of university establishments.

The program is available here

Among the activities, the partnership has decided to organize on June 30, 2021 an Information Event for the development of the white paper within the framework of WP5. This initiative will frame certain key macro-themes, the reflections and recommendations of which will converge in the White Paper. Among the sessions organized, several themes will be discussed such as “University autonomy and governance”, “Strategic planning and financial management”, “Quality assurance and quality management system”, “Boosting committees for quality and networking ”and the“ Leadership and dashboards”.

The program is available here.

Finally, the final conference of the project is scheduled for July 12, 2021. This event will have a national and international character, with certainly the presence of the Tunisian community, local authorities, other Ministries interested in the reform of university governance. , the delegation of the European Union in Tunisia, the Erasmus + Office in Tunisia, but also all the other international organizations present in the territory such as, for example, British Campus, AFD, Campus France, AUF, DAAD and others. So the event is addressed to the entire Euro-Mediterranean academic community and the Universities of the network.
Please, register here!

Stay tuned to find out more!

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